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Forklift Training Manchester

UK Forklift Training Services provide high quality forklift training services in Manchester. If you need FTL Training Manchester or the surrounding areas give us a call on 07859 944102.

We provide excellent

FLT Training Manchester

At UK Forklift Training Services Ltd, we offer training courses expertly tailored to ensure quick and fulfilling results, seeing participants becoming fully capable forklift operators. Backed by over 20+ years of experience, our expert team are the catalyst to the consistency of our training courses. With only the best modern techniques utilised, we provide records and certification for all candidates that pass our courses.   

For more information on our expert Forklift Training service and/or FLT Training in Manchester, please call our experienced team on 07859 944 102.


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Why do I Need Training?

Our quality service will provide you with everything you need to become an expert forklift operator working across Manchester, moreover any aspiring operator will need to have enrolled in one of three training courses before being eligible to apply for a forklift license. The complexity of forklift driving means our experienced employees’ knowledge is required to ensure safety when operating the machinery.

Understanding of when and where the use of forklifts are required as well as the efficiency of use are increased in operators who have had prior experience in courses as opposed to the less experienced. The risk of severe injury or even death is very present and should never be overlooked, something greatly enthused throughout our training courses.

Forklift Criteria

Before getting ahead of yourself, it is worth noting there are some requirements to be considered prior to enrolment into one of our courses. Candidates must:

Provided these requirements are all met, then you are ready to enrol yourself in one of our expertly delivered forklift truck courses, call our experienced team on 07859 944 102.

What Will You Learn

First and foremost, the basics are obviously covered, from standard malfunction recognition to the knowledge of best practice etc. Forklifts are difficult to control and manoeuvre in tight space, more so once a load is added to the equation. The basics of the controls will be covered initially, advancing to more in-depth exploration of how to operate in differing situations.

The key to forklift operation is keeping the machine balanced when transporting heavy loads, this is where the physics side of the course comes in, with our instructors having a good understanding in this field to provide the best possible service. This crossed with constant situational awareness are the fundamentals of safely operating a forklift in a manner deemed safe.


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FLT Training Manchester Courses

Our Manchester located FLT courses come in categories, dependant on your requirement you can choose from the below options:

“We strive to be the best Forklift Training provider in Morecambe and throughout the North West of England.

Geoff Suthers



The novice course is as the name would suggest, a course we have catered specifically for those who have never operated a forklift before. Everything is covered from legislation to the physics at work behind forklift operation.

Experienced Training

The course following the novice course, this is designed for those who already hold a forklift licence, but still require further guidance before being fully capable operators.

Refresher Training

This is an optional yet recommended course that ultimately serves to sharpen an operators skillset, the recommended period between these courses is 3 years.

Working In Manchester

Manchester is one of the major Cities in the UK, and itself has a broad history particularly regarding its significant industrial heritage. The city also heralds global recognition for its passion and love for football, being the home city of the revered Manchester United Football Club, with the clubs ground Old Trafford being one of the worlds most famous sports arenas.
Aerial drone view of Manchester city in UK on a beautiful sunny day.

Book A Consultation

UK Forklift Training Services, Morecambe provide initial consultations to discuss your exact requirements. We can then tailor our courses according to the type of truck, industry, operator skills.



Additional Information

We provide training in line with the HEALTH and SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 the PROVISION and USE of WORK EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS 1998 (PUWER); the LIFTING OPERATIONS and LIFTING EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS 1998 (LOLER), as applicable and other regulations and codes of practice.

From beginners to intermediate or refreshers, depending on the businesses and operators’ requirements.
We specialise in many trucks for example Counterbalance, Industrial Reach, and Rough Terrain Telescopic.
In-depth coverage of reports, statistics, and case studies outlining accidents in the workplace.

We've Worked With...

Over the many years in business providing training and services. We have worked with businesses in the warehouse, operational, construction industry throughout the North of England.