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North West Forklift Truck Training

UK Forklift Training Services Ltd provide the highest standard forklift truck training across the North West, carried out by qualified instructors with years of experience and compliant with CFTS regulations. If you’re looking for forklift truck training for yourself or your employees, call us today to get started: 07859 944102

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Forklift Truck Training

If you own a company that uses forklifts, it’s your responsibility to make sure lift truck operators have adequate forklift truck training before they use your machinery. It’s also important that managers and supervisors have training too, so they can make sure your employees are safe. 

We provide training courses that are tailored to your company and your employees, to ensure your staff are qualified and can use forklifts safely.

To arrange an initial consultation and to book your staff in for forklift truck training, contact us today, we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns: 07859 944 102


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Why do I need forklift truck training?

Forklift truck training is important for all employers to make sure their staff are kept up to date with the latest forklift regulationsForklifts are essential to most industrial companies, so it's good to ensure your employees have the knowledge and training to use them properly and safely, to prevent accidents or fatalities. 

Our courses will teach your staff how to expertly manage, supervise and operate forklifts within the workplace.

Forklift Truck Training Criteria

As with most courses available today, we have some requirements before you can enrol on one of our courses. Please check if you’re eligible below.

Once you’ve met all of these requirements, you can enrol on one of our forklift truck training courses. Call our team today to get booked in and we’ll arrange the best time and place to deliver our training. 07859 944 102

What will you learn?

Our courses cover the basics such as knowing what forklift techniques are best and recognising any malfunctions that may occur.

It can be difficult to manoeuvre forklifts, depending on the conditions and space available, especially when carrying a load. We teach you how to do this safely.

Once this has been covered, we’ll teach more advanced forklift practices such as operating in different situations and exploring the physics side including keeping the balance of the forklift


High Standard Forklift Truck Training

Our instructors are passionate about delivering the best forklift training courses.


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Many happy clients past and present.


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Exceptional pass rates for our students.


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Forklift Truck Training Courses

Our forklift truck training comes in three different categories and the one you choose will depend on your requirements and experience. Take a look at the different options below.

“We strive to be the best Forklift Training provider in Morecambe and throughout the North West of England.

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Our novice course is for people that have never operated a forklift or had training before. Everything is covered, from legislation and regulations to manoeuvering and physics.

Experienced Training

This course is for people that have been trained in forklift operation before and may have a licence, but still need some guidance and help before being capable of operating a forklift properly.

Refresher Training

This course isn't compulsory but it is recommended. It refreshes an operator's skills and knowledge and provides them with up-to-date legislation and regulations.

Trust Us With Your Forklift Truck Training

One of our main goals is to deliver proficient and safe operators. Therefore, all of our courses begin with a Health and Safety induction. We discuss the responsibility of operators in the workplace, as advised by the HSE.

Our lessons are taught in a friendly atmosphere by qualified and experienced instructors. The instructors here at UK Forklift Training Services Ltd always go the extra mile and provide help and support when needed. We do our very best to ensure that operators pass our courses.

forklift truck training

Book In For A Consultation

Contact us today for a consultation, we can discuss your requirements, industry and staff, to figure out which course is best for you. We can tailor courses to your requirements and make sure you get the most out of our training. Call us today 07859 944 102



Additional Information

Our training follows and is in line with the "Health and Safety At Work Act 1974", the "Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)", the "Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)", and other regulations and codes of practice.

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled operator that wants to refresh your knowledge, we have a course for you.

Counterbalance, Rough Terrain Telescopic and Industrial Reach are just some of the trucks we specialise in.

We provide reports and statistics that show forklift-related accidents within the workplace, all up to date.

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Over the many years in business providing training and services. We have worked with businesses in the warehouse, operational, construction industry throughout the North of England.